Full-on, super-awesome, extended, excellent, extreme playlist.


Today I ran 12 miles with my friend Vanessa.  Funny thing, when you drive in your car you don’t really notice the thousands of small hills that actually make up a long country road.  Anyway, we did it, it’s done.  I felt good, even though it was very muggy.  Many thanks to the homeowner whose sprinklers I ran through.  That was nice.

Here is the extended playlist I listen to on long runs.  I realize that some songs were left out of the one I posted the other day, and some people, not saying who, but maybe some Oxford ladies college educated gents were a bit miffed at my song selection.  Here’s the real deal, super extended, extremely awesome playlist I have compiled which NEVER BORES.  It’s long – over three hours, and wouldn’t fit on one screen in iTunes, so some effort was spent on my part to pass along the whole thing.  I hope that makes up for my song deficiancies earlier in the week.

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 9.52.40 PM


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