Sunday, September 1


Thanks to my friend Vanessa who recommended Mizuno running shoes, my feet were not in unbearably extreme pain after this run.  However there are two problems which plague me on these long runs that I didn’t have when I used to run in NYC.  First, I was extremely thirsty.  Today I purchased one of those dorky waist belt water holder things, so we will see how that goes.  Second, in NYC there are public restrooms here and there, but where I’m running now it’s just woods, which is fine, I’m not complaining.  But I might have to start planning my routes to include stops off at friend’s houses.

I picked Sunday’s route by driving in my car using the odometer to track 15 miles.  It turned out  that when I ran the same route, I hit 15 miles about three quarters of a mile before I got home.  So much for German engineering.  Luckily my husband and kids were more than happy to pick me up in the car to spare me the last bit which was a killer hill.  Next up, 17 miles.

What I listened to:

BBC World News

BBC Programme about why women shave off their body hair.

Stuff You Should Know

How Icebergs Work, Why was Davy Crockett the King of the Wild Frontier, 10 Big Cases of Revenge

Playlist from last week, which I really really have to remember to update.

Thanks to everyone who has supported me and the Story Pirates so far!  If you haven’t done so, you can



Enjoy this message from Story Pirate friends Jon Stewart, John Oliver, Reggie Watts, Ana Gasteyer!


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