Sunday, September 8, 17 miles.

On Sunday I ran my 17 in NYC.  Since moving out of the city, the thing I have missed most is running on the river.  It is so easy to run long distances in New York.  There is so much to look at, other runners, the river, the city in general.  And it’s pretty flat.  So in a sense I was really looking forward to Sunday’s long run.  I started out at about 7:30 am, leaving from Battery Park City.  I quickly realized that although the temperature said 71, it was pretty muggy.  I was wearing a long sleeve shirt, and knew that I would really regret it, so I took it off and hid it in the crook of a tree near a playground.  Then I headed up the West Side Highway, over to the Highline, then back over to the highway to 59th Street.  Then I ran over to Central Park where the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure was taking place.  I was thinking to run once around the park, then back down the West Side Highway, but instead I just ran all over the park, a few times around the reservoir, then doubling back until I had run 17 miles.  My new North Face Fuel Tool Belt really helped.  I had water and Gatorade, plus some little gummy energy booster things.  Apparently I really shocked my system last week, running 15 with no water and not replenishing my glycogen.  I had terrible chills and pretty much passed out when I got home.  Not this time!  How was the run?  It was okay, and my shirt was still in the tree when I got back!  I was sore, and for the rest of the day I felt like I was in a fog.  But the next day I felt better. And today I ran 5 miles faster than I have run before – up hills and everything!

Oh!  One other thing about running in New York City, is that sometimes you see interesting people also running – David Bowie used to run around Washington Square Park every morning, and I’ve seen Al Roker and Christy Turlington jogging along the river.  Not together.  That would be awesome – best running buddies ever.  On Sunday I saw Kristen Schaal, from Flight of the Concords and The Daily Show AND The Story Pirates.  That’s right.  Serendipity. If you have not donated to my run for Story Pirates, please consider doing so now!



Sunday, September 1


Thanks to my friend Vanessa who recommended Mizuno running shoes, my feet were not in unbearably extreme pain after this run.  However there are two problems which plague me on these long runs that I didn’t have when I used to run in NYC.  First, I was extremely thirsty.  Today I purchased one of those dorky waist belt water holder things, so we will see how that goes.  Second, in NYC there are public restrooms here and there, but where I’m running now it’s just woods, which is fine, I’m not complaining.  But I might have to start planning my routes to include stops off at friend’s houses.

I picked Sunday’s route by driving in my car using the odometer to track 15 miles.  It turned out  that when I ran the same route, I hit 15 miles about three quarters of a mile before I got home.  So much for German engineering.  Luckily my husband and kids were more than happy to pick me up in the car to spare me the last bit which was a killer hill.  Next up, 17 miles.

What I listened to:

BBC World News

BBC Programme about why women shave off their body hair.

Stuff You Should Know

How Icebergs Work, Why was Davy Crockett the King of the Wild Frontier, 10 Big Cases of Revenge

Playlist from last week, which I really really have to remember to update.

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