Saturday, August 24th 14 miles

I had never run 14 miles before.  But now I have!  I ran a half-marathon in January 2012, and it occurs to me at least four times a day that running a full marathon would be the same as running that half, then turning around and running it again.  I was dying at the end of that marathon.  Well, not literally.  The good news is that Saturday’s 14 miles wasn’t really any harder than running eight miles was a month ago.  That’s something.  Right?  Here are some highlights:


Selfie at mile 5.


Deep, dark woods. On this day, these woods were pretty, but on less-sunny days, they are disconcerting. Did I mention bears? Gruffalos?


I often miss running along the river in NYC, but then I will come around a corner and see this.


Playlist got old really fast. I also listened to three podcasts from Stuff You Missed in History Class: Cannibalism at Jamestown, The Luddites, and The Boxer Rebellion. Must update playlist this week, and would love some suggestions!


Also I need new shoes. Around mile 9 my left foot started hurting under my toes and it was a total practice in mind over matter to finish. I stopped briefly to stretch and saw this lil frog.

All in all, it was hard.  My knees hurt, I drank about a gallon of water after, and ate constantly all day.  BUT… I felt better on Sunday.  So, next week is 15.


I think that I will choose a different route that does not end in three straight miles uphill. That was a mistake.


Here’s my run!  Thanks to everyone who has supported me so far!